Short term and temporary contracts

Support staff related contracts

Casual staff

A casual staffing contract is appropriate for one-off, short-duration work lasting no more than 12 weeks. Casual staff would not normally be issued another contract of this type within a 12 month period but where this is exceptionally agreed, there must have been a gap of no less than six weeks between contracts.

Request for a casual post can be raised in the Staff HR Portal by those with appropriate access.

Variable hours staff

Information on self-employment/consultancy

Please note that if you are employing an international [non-EU] student then you must check to see if they have any other contracts of employment at all with the University, perhaps in a different Directorate or Faculty. This is because no more than 20 hours per week can be worked by any international student during semester time and this includes any combination of hourly-paid contract. Recruiting managers have a responsibility for checking this.