Short term and temporary contracts

The information below covers employees working on hourly paid contracts as: -

  • Associate Lecturers (ALs)
  • Associate Researchers (ARs)
  • Casuals
  • Variable Hours (including Invigilators)

The following sections cover Policy and Guidance on Recruitment and the new Claims Process.

Policy and guidance for managers


  • A staff request for an hourly paid member of staff (as above) can be raised via the Staff HR Portal by those with appropriate access.
  • Information about recruitment methods for ALs and Casuals can be found here.
  • Jobshop - you may be able to find a suitable student to employ via the TARGETconnect database which is run by the Careers Department and contains vacancies that student and graduates can search. Managers can upload their vacancies free of charge and registration and posting of vacancies is a quick and straightforward process.
  • Please note if you plan to recruit an international student (non EU) there are strict conditions on the type of work and number of hours that can be undertaken while studying in the UK. Recruiting managers have the responsibility for checking this by following the information provided on the above link and checking if the student has other contracts of employment within the University:
  • To calculate total hours, remuneration and a schedule of work for an Associate Lecturer, please use this template spreadsheet (Excel 32KB)
  • Associate Lecturer - Induction welcome pack  (link to Word doc, 1352KB)

Claims process

The Claim Form, Notes and Guidance on the link below is for use by:
Associate Lecturers, Associate Researchers, Casuals, Variable Hours (including Invigilators) only.

Specialist Lecturers