Temporary contracts


Arrangements have been developed for the redeployment of staff who have been employed on temporary contracts. Staff are normally only eligible for redeployment, if the position had been fully advertised externally. Where a contract, has lasted for more than two years continuous service and no suitable redeployment can be arranged, the University will make a redundancy payment.

Continuous service for the purposes of this document is defined as unbroken employment with the University in one or more posts. Any period of maternity, unpaid or other special leave and career break will count towards continuous service.


If a temporary contract of a member of staff is not to be renewed, the University will seek redeployment of the contract holder into a suitable alternative vacant post. Please see the University policy on Handling Redundancies and Redeployments for additional information. Information on current vacancies can be found at www.brookes.ac.uk/vacancy. Temporary staff eligible for redeployment can be placed on the Redeployment Register from three month's before the end of their contract.


The renewal or not of all temporary contracts is reviewed by the responsible line manager and/or Dean/Director of Faculty/Director towards the end of the contract period. If a contract is possibly not going to be renewed then this will be discussed with the employee in a formal meeting with their line manager as soon as possible and normally no later than two months before the end of the employees contract.

The employee may involve a union representative, friend or work colleague in this matter if they wish. The outcome of that meeting will be confirmed in writing to the employee afterwards by their line manager.

The employee may appeal against a decision not to re-new their contract and the reason. Appeals should be made in writing and submitted to the Director of Human Resources. The employee may involve a union representative, friend or work colleague in this matter if they wish.

The employee’s appeal will be heard by their Dean/Director or a member of the Universities Senior Management Team where the employee’s line manager is already the Dean/Director. If the employee is still unsatisfied at the outcome of this appeal then they have the right to seek redress through the University Grievance policy and a hearing before the University Governors.

This right is not additional to the appeals processes detailed in the University Capability or Disciplinary policies, where the reason for the employees dismissal is related to the operation of those policies.

The mechanism for considering redeployment is as follows:

The Directorate of Human Resources will be notified by the Dean of Faculty/Director that the contract of a temporary employee is not to be renewed.

The employee will be asked if s/he wishes to be considered for redeployment and if so, invited to submit a current CV.

Job descriptions and person specification for vacancies then current or arising in the period until the contract ends will be examined against the skills and experience of the employee.

There are two ways in which potentially suitable jobs are identified; firstly, by a monitoring process run by the Directorate of Human Resources and secondly by the individual employee expressing interest in a declared vacancy.

During the specified time period the Directorate of Human Resources will consider the CVs of eligible employees against the job descriptions and person specifications of vacancies as they arise. Where there appears to be a suitable match  the vacancy details will be notified to eligible employees.

Where an eligible employee expresses an interest in a vacancy they will be considered for the post ahead of other applicants and the selection process described below will apply.

A selection procedure will be arranged for the employee. If there is more than one suitable candidate, it will be for the formal interview panel to determine who should be appointed, and such decisions will be based on the principles of both the Recruitment and Selection and Handling Redundancies and Redeployments Policies.


This document shall not give an employee any additional contractual or legal rights. Advice on the appropriate procedures can be obtained from the Directorate of Human Resources.

The equal opportunities dimensions of the operation of this document will be monitored by the Directorate of Human Resources.


Updated Nov 2010