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National Qualifications Framework

Comparison of vocational and academic qualification levels

Level Vocational Academic Indicator
8 Diplomas Doctorates Leading experts or practitioners; learning involves the development of new, creative approaches that extend or redefine existing knowledge or practice
7 Vocational Certificates, NVQ5 Masters Degrees, Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas Highly developed, complex knowledge that enables the development of in-depth and original responses to complicated and unpredictable problems and situations
6 Vocational Certificates/Diplomas Bachelors Degrees, Graduate Certificates/Diplomas Specialist high-level knowledge to enable the use of an individual s own ideas and research in response to complex problems and situations
5 Vocational Certificates/Diplomas, NVQ 4 Diplomas of Higher Education/, Further Education, Foundation Degrees, Higher National Diplomas Ability to increase the depth of knowledge and understanding to enable the formulation of solutions and responses to complex problems and situations; involves high levels of knowledge and work expertise, and competence in managing and training others
4 Vocational Certificates/Diplomas Certificates of Higher Education Specialist learning involving detailed analysis of a high level of information and knowledge for people working in technical and professional jobs, and/or managing and developing others
3 Vocational Certificates/Diplomas, NVQ 3 A-levels, AVCE Ability to gain and apply a range of knowledge, skills and understanding; involves obtaining detailed knowledge and skills; appropriate for people wishing to go to university, people working independently, or those supervising and training others
2 Vocational Certificates/Diplomas NVQ 2 GCSE (Grades A* to C) Ability to gain a good knowledge and understanding of a subject area of work or study, and to perform tasks with guidance or supervision; involves building knowledge and/or skills in work or subject area
1 Vocational Certificates/Diplomas, NVQ 1, Basic Skills GCSE (Grades D to G) Basic knowledge and skills, and the ability to apply learning with guidance or supervision; concerns activities relating to everyday situations; may be linked to job competence
Entry Entry-level, Certificates Basic Skills   Basic knowledge and skills, and applying learning to everyday situations under direct guidance or supervision; not geared towards specific occupations

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