Attendance at work during abnormal weather conditions

During abnormal weather conditions many employees may be unable to follow their normal attendance pattern.

For all employees (whether or not on flexible working hours), who attend work but do not complete a normal day, Deans of Faculty/Directors should exercise discretion in each individual case, with a view to crediting the lost time within a standard working day.

For those employees who do not attend work at all on such days, such time should normally be regarded as annual leave, flexi time or toil.

Employees should make requests for the discretionary treatment of absences due to abnormal weather conditions to their line manager.

Managers who wish to exercise discretion to allow non-attendance to be taken as special paid leave should seek authorisation from their Dean of Faculty or Director (for staff in the Directorates), setting out the reasons why they consider that this would represent reasonable and equitable treatment in all the circumstances. The Dean or Director will determine the request, taking account of any University-wide guidance relating to the particular weather incident concerned that has been issued by, or on behalf of, the Senior Management Team.

Updated May 2010.