Appendix 2: Redeployment

  1. Redeployment is the process by which suitable alternative employment is sought for employees who are unfit or unable to carry out the duties of their current post
  2. The Occupational Health Advisor will discuss with the Line Manager and HR Directorate the employee’s suitability for redeployment to alternative posts within the university
  3. The HR Directorate will send the member of staff the redeployment form to complete and return to the HR Directorate with an up to date copy of the member of staff’s CV.
  4. The required documentation will be forwarded to the Redeployment Panel Secretary in the Directorate of Human Resources. The Link HR Manager will inform the employee as to the length of time over which redeployment will be considered. This will not normally be less than three months and would normally extend over the full period of the employee’s entitlement to notice or, if they are on sick leave, to sick pay
  5. Where an employee is redeployed it will be under the conditions as set out in the Handling redundancies and redeployments policy.
  6. If an employee cannot be redeployed within the agreed time frame then the Line Manager and Link HR Manager should investigate the suitability of:
    • early retirement on grounds of ill-health
    • dismissal on the grounds of medical incapability under the Capability Procedure


Managing absence from work due to ill-health

Appendix 1: Rehabilitation programmes

Appendix 2: Redeployment

Appendix 3: Ill Health Early Retirement

Appendix 4: Telephoning staff off sick and return to work meetings

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