OBUHSN-5: Appendix 2

Current membership of the OBUHSWEC

(as of January 2017)


Registrar and Chief Operating Officer, Brendan Casey (Chair)

Directorate Representatives

  • Director of Human Resources, Alison Cross
  • Estates Director, Ray Blackford
  • Facilities Director, Harmohinder Bahl
  • Commercial Director, Phillipa Fletcher (Alternate, Sebastian Blake)
  • General Manager of Catering Services, Steve Travis
  • Health Safety Officer (Estates), Gordon Langford
  • OBIS and Learning Resources, Tanja Dawber
  • Academic and Student Affairs, Diane Harrison
  • Finance and Legal Services, Charlie Williams
  • Corporate Affairs, Trish Cox

Faculty Representatives

  • Health and Life Sciences, Karen Brockington
  • Health and Life Sciences, Lorraine Dyson
  • Health and Life Sciences, Elizabeth Mitchell
  • Faculty of Business, Matthew Hisbent
  • Humanities and Social Sciences, Brian Rivers
  • Technology Design and Environment, Andy Glass

Students' Union Representative

  • President of the Students Union, Elena Saldana Quintans
  • Students' Union General Manager, David Whittingham

Trade Unions Representatives

Up to ten representatives appointed by the University's recognised trade unions.

  • UNISON, Jon Appleton
  • UCU, John Lo Breglio


  • Safety Manager, Tim McGill
  • Senior Occupational Health Adviser, Christie Rainbird
  • Environmental Specialist, Michelle Morley


Safety Officer, Sharon Willett