Managers' responsibilities

Deans of Faculties/Directors assume the employer’s responsibility for compliance with the University’s Health and Safety policy within the areas under their control. They should where necessary, for the execution of that role, seek the advice of the University’s Safety Officer and/or Occupational Health Nurse and allocate responsibilities accordingly to staff within their Faculty/Directorate.

Deans of all Faculties/Directors are responsible for the training and supervision of staff and students in their respective areas with respect to safety matters. In particular, they will ensure that new recruits are given a complete grounding in all aspects of safe working and are familiar with the Health and Safety Manual. They will also ensure that appropriate information is available to all staff. The Safety Officer and/or Occupational Health Nurse will advise as necessary on safety training and the provision of relevant information.

In the event of an accident, incident or dangerous occurrence the manager must ensure that the report form is completed in full within three days and sent to the Safety Officer. The Safety Officer must be informed by telephone immediately if an injured person requires treatment at hospital or if a specified dangerous occurrence has taken place.

Each new member of staff is sent an “Emergency Contact Details Form”. The Manager should ensure that this form is completed and returned to the Directorate of Human Resources as soon as possible after appointment.