Understanding and managing stress – for managers

This two and a half hour workshop is designed to raise managers’ awareness of how stress affects well-being and performance at work. It will look at the nature and causes of stress and provide strategies for identifying, managing and minimising stress in the workplace. It will also look at the support available to employees experiencing stress. Information about the University's Stress Policy and Stress Action Plan will be provided.

By the end of the workshop delegates will:

  • recognise the physical and behavioural and organisational symptoms of stress
  • understand the Health and Safety Framework and the Brookes policy on stress
  • be informed about Brookes stress survey results and stress action plan
  • recognise organisational and individual strategies for preventing problems
  • recognise the management competencies for preventing and reducing stress at work
  • understand the support available to employees who are stressed and how to access this support

Who should attend?

  • This session is a requirement for all supervisors and managers

Course dates

  • To be arranged.

For further information on the course contact Christie Rainbird, Occupational Health or to book a place on one of the workshops contact Roy Grant, OCSLD. If there are no current dates please contact Roy Grant to register your interest.