Mandatory development

It will also be mandatory for all initial development plans to include, in the first three months:

  • Welcome to Brookes
  • Basic health and safety

And in the first year:

  • Personal Development Review Scheme reviewee training

And for those without any qualification equivalent to NVQ Level 1 or higher:

  • to complete appropriate core units of NVQ Level 1 as part of the first 6 months induction (and normally complete the qualification within one year) or
  • to join an appropriate foundation skills programme (to prepare for joining that NVQ process), as part of the first 6 months induction

And for those without any qualification equivalent to NVQ Level 2 or higher:

  • to complete the appropriate NVQ Level 2 core units as part the first six months induction (and normally complete the NVQ qualification in no more than two years)

And, where appropriate:

  • Academic and administrative staff who are involved with UG courses and/or students
    Intro to the UMP and PIP
  • Teaching
    • Associate Teachers Course: for postgraduates who teach for more than 50 hours a year, including marking and preparation (and have no equivalent qualification).
    • PGCTHE: (those with less than 5 years (fte) teaching experience in HE, no equivalent qualification, 0.5 contract or above, and more than a one-year contract, or a second one-year contract)
  • Research
    All academic staff who are required to undertake the PGCTHE and who are deemed to be research active will be required to undertake training in research and research management. Contact David Evans for more information.
  • Management
    • Personal Development Review Scheme reviewer training: anyone who is to be a reviewer.
    • Recruitment and selection: anyone before they can be a member of an interview panel
    • Project management: senior managers who are project sponsors with executive control and accountability
    • Senior staff development programme: all those on senior staff terms and conditions of service
  • Equal opportunities and diversity awareness
    • Managers: half-day session for anyone with line-management responsibility
    • Academic staff: half-day session on implications for teaching and curriculum development
  • Health & Safety
    (information on who should undertake the following training can be found in the University Health & Safety Manual)

    • DSE users (NB this is required for nearly all staff)
    • DSE assessors
    • COSHH assessment
    • Manual handling users
    • Manual handling assessors
    • Noise Awareness
    • Chemical Awareness
    • Risk Assessment
    • Portable Appliance Testing
    • Appointed Person First Aid Training
    • Managers H&S Awareness Training
    • Minibus Drivers Assessors
    • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • Fire Marshal Training
    • First Aid Training (Four Day)
    • Abrasive Wheels Competency
    • Cryogenic Safety Awareness
    • Gas Safety Awareness & Inspection
    • Laboratory Gases Safety Awareness
    • Asbestos Awareness for Managers
    • Asbestos Awareness for Crafts-Persons
    • Laser Safety
    • Working With Genetically Modified Organisms

For those staff starting with an NVQ Level 2 qualification (or equivalent), opportunities to undertake Level 3 should be looked for where appropriate. Consideration should also be given to the appropriateness of undertaking another Level 2 qualification in a different area.