Initial Personal Development Interview

From 1 October 2004 it is a requirement that all newly appointed staff have a Personal Development (PD) interview with their line manager within two weeks of starting, as part of their induction (see also induction checklist). This should be the start of an on-going commitment to supporting continuous professional development (CPD).

Guidance on the Initial Personal Development Interview

The line manager should use the PD interview to carry out an initial review to identify the individual’s skills and knowledge gap. This should be done using the 'desirable' column from the person specification used at interview as a starting point, and considering which of these were not fully met, in conjunction with the appropriate role guidelines in order to agree an initial development plan. (See the sample template PD/CPD plan on which to record a summary of the agreed plan).

The discussion should also be used to identify any mandatory development that is required. The fulfilment of this initial development plan will then naturally become the primary focus for the individual’s first Personal Development and Review meeting (PDR).

Recording development – a CPD portfolio

Staff should keep a record of training and development undertaken and this can be done on the individual’s PIP (personal information pages). [To do this, go to the ‘My Personal Details’ tab. On the right hand side, there is a drop down box – choose ‘Courses Attendances and Development Activities’. Click ‘Create new course’ on the left hand side of the page, and follow the instructions to add your activity.]

It is also recommended that staff also keep a record of any training and development undertaken – eg a course programme, a certificate of attendance, an assessor’s comments, etc.