Brookes’ Leadership Capabilities Model

OCSLD has created a Brookes-specific Leadership Capabilities model to inform our management development activities and help us to achieve our priority to ‘foster an agile and flexible’ leadership’ (2012-16 HR Strategy) which is capable of:

  •  Operating effectively in an increasingly complex, turbulent and commercial environment.
  • Working collectively to achieve our 2020 Strategy.
  • Ensuring compliance with corporate policies.
  • Sustaining a culture in which intellectual autonomy, collaboration and innovation flourish.


Leadership model image

How was the Leadership Capabilities model created?

The Leadership Capabilities model was created by examining the Brookes 2020 Strategy (link to the 2020 Strategy) and 2012-16 HR Strategy, reviewing similar models being used within HE Sector and exploring the academic literature. It was also informed by a senior management development needs analysis exercise conducted with Deans and Directors in March/April 2014.

An initial draft was shared with a cross-section of Brookes’ managers and their feedback was used to produce this version which is currently being trialled in the University.

How is it being used?

Firstly, it has been used to create a 360 Degree Feedback Tool which enables participants to gain confidential, anonymous feedback from people who work around them (their managers/seniors, their peers/colleagues, and their direct reports) via an online questionnaire managed by OCSLD’s partner, MTS Ltd. Participants can use their feedback for personal and professional development planning as part of their PDR (Personal and Development Review). Secondly, it underpins the Brookes’ Leadership Programme.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Kathy Greethurst in OCSLD.