Guidance for reviewees

The PDR is your opportunity to have dedicated time with your reviewer to discuss and agree your objectives for the coming year in line with the team and faculty or directorate objectives, which in turn support the university objectives. There is also time to review the objectives of the last year, your achievements, any challenges, your workload and work-life balance.

The PDR meeting is a time to look at your future development needs and the best way for you to achieve them. At this stage it is helpful to think about the ways you will evaluate the impact the activity may have on your performance in your role, the team and the wider faculty or directorate.

To get the best out of your PDR you should consider the following points:

  • Read your last PDR, use this to inform your thoughts when completing this year’s PDR.
  • Review your PIP data, ensure that all development is included and use the information to help you complete the PDR form.
  • Talk about your development in your PDR. This is a good way for your Reviewer to understand your experience and the impact on your role.
  • You may like to consider the following:
    • The actual development undertaken
    • How did you use what you learnt in your role?
    • Did it make any difference to your role?
    • Are you doing anything differently following the development?
    • Did it make a difference to the team?
    • Did it make a difference to the faculty or directorate?
    • Did you share your experience in a team meeting, with colleagues, anyone else?
    • Did anyone ask you about the development?

The PDR is time to discuss your development, how you have used the new knowledge, skills and behaviours in your role and to look at any further development to enable you to meet your objectives.

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Updated June 2015