Promotion from Senior to Principal Lecturer


Promotion to the Principal Lecturer grade may occur in two ways:

  1. The job description and the role content requirements of a Senior Lecturer may change and evolve over time in such a way that it matches the role profile for the Principal Lecturer grade.
  2. A School may create a role, and an associated job description, which is assessed as matching the Principal Lecturer role profile, and the role may then be advertised.

Promotion through route (a):

  • The role-holder and the line manager will review and agree the job description and role content annually as part of the personal review process. Material changes must be reviewed and approved by the Dean or his/her nominated deputy.
  • Disagreements about the job description and role content will be resolved through the University’s grievance procedure.
  • A role-holder and/or the line manager may request a review of the grading by the Reward team in the Directorate of Human Resources, on the basis of the revised job description. This review will normally be completed and a grading decision given within 25 working days. The review will normally require the nominated role analyst to interview both the role-holder and the line manager.
  • If the recommendation from the role analyst is to retain the post at the Senior Lecturer grade, the role-holder and/or the line manager may refer the matter to the University Grading Appeal Panel which will meet twice annually. The dates of the panel hearing and deadlines for any submission will be notified by the reward team to the role holder in the confirmation of grade letter.
  • If the recommendation from the role analyst is for a re-grading to Principal Lecturer, the Dean will be advised and he/she will secure budget approval for the higher level post from the Directorate of Finance and Legal Services.
  • The promotion will take effect from the beginning of the month in which approval for the post is confirmed.

Promotion through route (b):

The University’s recruitment and selection policy will apply

  • The role/job description will be matched to the Principal Lecturer role profile and approved by the Reward Team in the Directorate of Human Resources.
  • The vacancy will be open to all Senior Lecturers in the School, and may be opened up more widely by agreement between the Dean and the Director of Human Resources.
  • It will be advertised by individual notification to all eligible Senior Lecturers.
  • Principal Lecturer posts may be created on a temporary basis where the role mix required is for a limited period, and/or there is a time-limited task or project to be undertaken.
  • Promotion panels for Principal Lecturer appointments will consist of
    • a member of the SMT (as Chair)
    • the Dean of the School
    • one member of the academic staff of the School at grade 12 or above
    • one member of the academic staff of another School at grade 12 or above
    • an external adviser may also be included
  • Shortlisting for interview will be undertaken by no fewer than three members of the promotion panel.

Required documentation for promotion through route (b):

Applicants should submit:

  • a completed application form
  • a full CV
  • a statement of their understanding and appreciation of the advertised role and the way in which they would seek to fulfil it.