Criteria for Professorships

Applications for promotion to Professor must be made against the criteria for one of the five pathways. The pathways to professorial promotion all recognise achievement of the highest distinction and are based on achievements and on an expectation of a continuing contribution in the area for which the chair is awarded.

The five pathways are:
a) research
b) teaching, learning and assessment
c) enterprise and knowledge exchange
d) professional achievement
e) academic leadership

Successful candidates are expected to exercise the following generic responsibilities in the professorial role:

  • To teach students using appropriate instruction methods such as lectures, tutorials, seminars and other formal pedagogic work.
  • To supervise student projects and dissertations.
  • To supervise students engaged in higher degree work by research.
  • To mark and assess student work.
  • To undertake curriculum development work including identification of consumer requirements, planning, development and evaluation of courses and course materials, and supervise course provision.
  • To care for the pastoral needs of students including counselling, welfare and guidance.
  • To manage and administer education processes including the administration and management of education and training programmes and publicity and public relations work.
  • To participate in the administrative processes of the University including committee membership, quality assurance procedures, recruitment and admissions.
  • To represent the University on or to appropriate external bodies.
  • To undertake research and to publish articles in recognised academic and professional journals, to write and/or contribute to books and monographs.
  • To participate in national and international conferences and seminars in their academic discipline.
  • To participate in staff development and appraisal processes and in-service training.
  • To contribute to income generation activities.
  • To provide academic leadership in the discipline and/or the teaching of a discipline or the related professional practice.

Professorships are not automatically associated with specific managerial and/or administrative responsibilities. By virtue of their status, Professors are expected to make a major contribution to the development and implementation of the School’s and University’s academic activities. Their specific contribution will be defined by, and agreed with, the Dean of School in consultation with the Vice-Chancellor through the personal development and review procedure.

Professorial advancement

a) Grade 1 (S1 : spine points 51-54)

Professors will normally be appointed at this level. They will progress up the scale on an annual basis provided they have maintained the level of excellence and individual merit for which the promotion was awarded. At this level, professorial staff are expected to carry out research, teaching and/or professional work at a nationally recognised level of excellence. They will be able to demonstrate a national and developing international level of recognition as a significant contributor to their field of work.

b) Grade 2 (S2 : spine points 54-57)

At grade 2, Professors are expected to demonstrate a significantly higher level of recognition and achievement that at grade 1. In particular, they are expected to be clearly recognised as a leading national figure in the field and be able to demonstrate a international reputation and recognition in their field of work. They will also be expected to have achieved awards, including substantial grant awards, or fulfilled roles within or outside the University which are consistent with the level of recognition by their peer community.

c) Grade 3 (S3 : spine points 58-61)

At grade 3, Professors are expected to demonstrate output and peer esteem which would clearly identify them as a world class contributor to their field of work. They will be making an outstanding and pre-eminent contribution to the reputation of Oxford Brookes University through gaining major awards and honours, and achieving a level of proven international “leading-edge” excellence in research, teaching and/or professional practice.

a) Grade 4 (S4: spine point 62 minimum)

At this level, Professors will be recognised as leading their field internationally and be able to demonstrate an outstanding level of peer esteem. The Vice-Chancellor has the authority to determine the level of remuneration that is appropriate for professors appointed to this grade.

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Reviewed February 2018