Equal Pay Review


The primary purposes of an equal pay review are to:

  • establish whether there are pay inequities arising associated with age, gender, race, disability or part-time and fixed term working.
  • Analyse in more detail the nature of any inequities.
  • Analyse the factors creating inequities and diagnose the cause or causes.
  • Determine what action is required to deal with any inequities revealed by the analysis and diagnosis.
  • Close pay gaps that cannot be justifiably explained.


The benefits arising from the conduct of such a review are that it will:

  • Highlight areas for concern relating to equal pay
  • Enable causes of inequality to be diagnosed
  • Guide the University on the actions required to fulfil both their ethical and their legal obligations to pay those carrying out work of equal value equally
  • In general contribute to the development and maintenance of a fair and equitable reward system and therefore enhance the image of the institution as an employer and improve the climate of employee relations and the ability of the institution to attract and retain the staff it requires.

As part of the implementation of the National Framework Agreement in OBU, it is confirmed that an annual audit will be carried out by the HR Manager (Reward) in the following specific areas:

  • Award of market supplements
  • Award of contribution related salary points (CRSPs)
  • Award of accelerated incremental progression
  • Salaries on appointment
  • Appeals received and results
  • Promotions

The audit will be carried out using the principles outlined in the JNCHES and EOC guidance on conducting equal pay audits and a report of outcomes of any audit provided to the Joint Staff Committee on an annual basis. The audit will include analysis by full-time, part-time, and will be reported by School and Directorate to identify areas of good practice and for improvement.

A full review of the implementation of the national framework agreement, job evaluation scheme and continued management of and appointment to the grading structure, including a pay gap analysis will be carried out no more than 12 months after full implementation.

A full report and subsequent action plan will be presented to the Executive Board and Governors Employment Committee.

To ensure currency of information the JNCHES and EOC guidance detailing the principles of such reviews can be found at: