Incremental progression

For all new staff joining the University on or after 1 June 2015 there is a new policy on incremental progression. All staff, who are not appointed at the top of their grade, will now get their first increment upon the satisfactory completion of their probation period.

For support staff this is six months and for academic and senior staff it is one year. Thereafter further incremental increases will be every 12 months (i.e. on the anniversary of the first increment). The University will cease to use April and September as dates for universal incremental progression.


A support staff employee starts work with the University on 1 May and successfully completes their probationary period. Their first increment would be on 1 November the same year and further progression would be 1 November each subsequent year until reaching the top of their grade.

If a probationary period is formally extended then award of the first increment will be from the date that the extension is completed.

This policy is not being applied retrospectively to existing staff.


Updated June 2015