Long service award

The University has a long service award scheme to recognise the contribution and loyalty of longer-serving staff. The scheme includes the following features:

  • All categories of staff with 25 years’ continuous service with the University or its predecessors are entitled to an award.
  • A cheque award of £225 or a gift (which must be a tangible article) of equivalent value. This sum is kept under review and revised from time to time in order to retain its real value. NB: under Inland Revenue rules, cash awards are subject to the normal tax and National Insurance regulations. Where members of staff opt to receive a cash award the actual amount that they receive will be reduced by the relevant tax and National Insurance deductions.
  • The University also provides £120 towards the cost of a celebration. The celebration can be formal or informal and may take place within or outside the University. Receipts must be kept for reimbursement.

The Long Service Award Scheme is funded from the Faculty/Directorate’s budget and a financial code will be requested. The Directorate of Human Resources administers the scheme.

If a member of staff's retirement date coincides with their eligibility for a long service award, then it may be sensible to combine their retirement party with a long service award celebration.