Guidance Notes for application for the award of Contribution Salary Points - Senior Staff

What is a contribution salary point?

  1. Oxford Brookes University implemented a new pay and grading structure for senior staff and Professors from August 2006. This is a 4 grade structure and within each grade there is provision for automatic normal incremental progression within the grade on an annual basis (illustrated in the light grey shaded areas in the example grades below) and when the maximum of the normal progression is reached, an area of Contribution Salary Points which will only be awarded on application every 2 years by evidencing ‘sustained exceptional contribution’ according to set criteria. (Illustrated in the dark grey shaded areas in the example grade below).
  2. Award of a contribution salary point is not automatic. ‘Sustained’ exceptional contribution is defined as continuous exceptional contribution over and above that usually required of the post, spanning a period of not less, and usually considerably more than a 12 month period.
  3. Those who receive a contribution point are not required to submit a further application when they become eligible for a further award. A proforma will be sent to your Dean or Director for them to confirm to the panel that your contribution has continued to be exceptional over the qualifying period.



Who is eligible to apply?

  1. Application for award of a Contribution Salary point is invited from those senior staff and Professors who are currently at the top point of the normal incremental progression of their current grade, and from those who assimilated into the contribution point area of the grade, during implementation of the new grading structure in August 2006. If you are unsure if you are eligible to apply please contact your link HR Business Partnership Manager who will advise.
  2. Application can be for individual or team ‘sustained exceptional contribution’ as defined above. In the case of application by team – all team members have to be included in any application.
  3. One-off instances of exceptional contribution are not rewarded as part of this process.
  4. The following are not eligible to apply:
    • Those staff whose salary is currently protected or have assimilated to the top Contribution point of the grade of their post.
    • Those who will not have been at the top of the automatic annual incremental progression points for their grade for 12 months when contribution points take effect in April.
    • Those whose post has been re-graded (or have a request currently pending) during the past 12 months.
  5. Staff who have been at the top of the automatic incremental progression points for a year or more and have changed post in the last year, without a change of spine point, are able to apply. In these circumstances the line manager should comment on the extent to which the new post is similar to the old post. The panel will then take a view on whether the employee has maintained an exceptional standard.
  6. Contribution points will only be awarded in single increments every 2 years. If a role holder is successful in their application they will not be eligible to apply for the next point for 2 years after the award of the first.

How do I apply?

  1. Please complete an application form and fill in the sections allocated under each criteria if relevant to your contribution, if you feel this space is insufficient, please continue on a separate sheet. Please note no more than 1 side of A4 will be accepted in addition to the application form for each application, if the panel require additional clarification they will request it.
  2. The award of contribution points will not be considered without the necessary application form being full, prior to the submission deadline.
  3. All (fully completed) applications should be received in HR by the deadline of 31 January. These will be receipted by return email. Those staff who do not have regular access to email can submit a hard copy application form to HR Business Partnership Manager (Reward), HR Directorate, Wheatley Campus, Wheatley OX33 1HX. Please check if your hard copy application has been received.

What should my application contain?

  1. Examples and relevant information for application/recommendation should focus on the criteria detailed in the application form and should indicate why the contribution is considered to be exceptional and how it links to objectives within the School/Directorate/University.

How is my application processed?

  1. Each eligible applicant should complete the application form and pass to their direct line manager for comment and signature.
  2. Once the line manager has completed their section, they will then pass the application to the appropriate Dean or Director (or delegated Senior Management representative) for comment and signature.
  3. A copy of the completed application form with comments should then be forwarded to the applicant by the Dean/Director.
  4. Applications will not be considered unless this process has been fully completed BY ALL prior to final submission to the Reward team by the deadline.
  5. All completed applications should be forwarded by the deadline of 31 January to these will be receipted by return email. Those staff who do not have regular access to email can submit a hard copy application form to HR Business Partnership Manager (Reward), HR Directorate, Wheatley Campus, Wheatley OX33 1HX.
  6. No applications will be accepted after the 31 January deadline.
  7. All applications whether supported or not will be sent to the University contribution award panel.
  8. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application in writing, those unsuccessful in their application will receive panel feedback in writing.
  9. The award for those successful will be effective from 1 April.

Recommendation for accelerated incremental progression

  1. Accelerated incremental progression by 1 increment through the normal increments of the appropriate grade, can be recommended by the Dean/Director, only through this process. This process cannot be self-nominated by any role holder and will only be awarded by application at this time, not at any other time throughout the year.
  2. Application should be made in the same way, on the same application form and to the same timetable as for Contribution Salary Points. This recommendation should be highlighted by the Dean/Director by inserting ACCELERATED PROGRESSION in bold at the top of the application form.