Career and personal development

If you want to think about next steps in your career, or develop your skills and self-awareness at work, we hope you will find this resource useful.

Career and Personal Development require an individual focus.  Development needs will vary according to the job role held and the individual’s needs, wishes, abilities, skills and other personal qualities and attributes.

Career journeys in organisations are no longer about following a clearly defined path in many cases.  The path is often more like crazy paving and the pattern will be the individual’s choice and responsibility.  This has the benefit that it is often possible to change route.


You may also find these resources useful when preparing for or following up on your Personal Development Review meeting.

This website supports the personal and professional development of individuals at Oxford Brookes

  • regardless of type or level of role
  • reflecting and acknowledging the experiences and aspirations of colleagues at different stages of their careers and on different career trajectories
  • renewing, refreshing, reframing, building on skills and behaviours for the newly emerging workplace.

There are three different portals to the resources in this website:

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If you need help with developing career and personal development goals, the i-GROW pages are designed to help you coach yourself through that process.

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If you want to develop general skills and behaviours, such as working with people and delivering an excellent service, you could go direct to the pages on the AUA professional behaviours framework.

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To explore specific role-related skills and work-based qualifications, go to the Role-related skills pages.

managing Reality, focussing on your current situation opportunities goals way forward clarifying self awareness, and understanding of the professional behaviours and the role related skills that underpin the range of occupations in HEIs, and in Brookes (i-) role related skills aua professional behaviours