About the website


A career development website project was already underway at Brookes when we received the invitation to join the AUA CPD Pilot Scheme. We immediately saw the potential for including the Professional Behaviours model alongside the other development models already identified.

The GROW model is a tried and tested four-step coaching model that the Project Team have adapted by adding a fifth step, I, to represent a strong focus on self awareness.  The model represents a self questioning process targeted at career develop issues to structure an experience of coaching.  The original GROW model is commonly attributed to one of three learning professionals, Graham Alexander, Alan Fine and Sir John Whitmore; our i-GROW model integrates their four steps and places them firmly in the context of work environments and professional enhancement.

The Professional Behaviours model was combined with the i-GROW model which provides portals for people to work through:

  • i: Self-awareness
  • G: Goals
  • R: Realities of their own situation
  • O: Opportunities
  • W: Way forward

A Job-related skills matrix has also been added to complete the basic structure.


With thanks to: Bob Price (Project Sponsor), Jayne Stuart (Media Workshop), OCSLD and HR colleagues, Oxford Brookes Administrators Forum, AUA, Liz Shrives (AUA consultant), role holder interviewees and the CPD website usability feedback group.