Frequently asked questions

Q: Who is the website for?

A: Any member of Brookes staff. Although academic staff may follow a more ‘set’ route within their career, we feel that they can benefit from the activities around widening self-awareness and also the knowledge of the range of development activities that Brookes offers. Support staff may follow a less prescribed route, dependent on their area of work, and so can use the website to help to consider career steps as well as development activities.

Q: How do I use it?

A: The website is designed to be used in a number of ways. The central structure is one of an online coaching tool, using the structure ‘i-GROW’ which helps you to raise your level of self-awareness around your strengths, development areas and areas of interest. You can use this in the order given, or just dip in and out of relevant areas. We also include links to case studies to give you awareness of career paths of a number of people within Brookes, to help you to consider your own future, and to frameworks such as the AUA Professional Behaviours which we link to development opportunities within Brookes – not just courses but a range of activities you can do to add to your experiences.

Q: When is the best time for me to access the website – is it just when I’m planning a career change?

A: No, the website is designed for you to use at any time! You are likely to find it useful to prepare yourself for a PDR meeting, as the activities help you to become more self-aware and to decide on the kinds of development activities and objectives you want to set for yourself. It’s designed to be a ‘rehearsal’ for the PDR conversation, so you can make the most of these meetings. If you are a manager, it will also help you to prepare for PDRs by giving you a greater awareness of development options for your staff. But it also will be useful for you to go through the areas of the website to help you become more aware of your development options within Brookes and to help you start to think of what you want out of your future career.

Q: I’m at the top of my chosen area of work – is this relevant for me?

A: Yes! The website is designed to help you to consider how you want to develop yourself and this may be with a personal focus, alongside a work focus. So you may want to use it to reflect on what you get out of work and how you can supplement this with other activities, such as activities outside of work. Many of our case studies discuss a change in their careers that have come from experiences they have developed outside of work.