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Goal setting

Envisioning small or large goals

How to use this section

Setting a goal or goals is vital for making change.  You may have a clear goal from the work you did on Identity, such as developing your professional behaviours.  If not, you can use the resources here to either:

  • decide a next step you would like to take (having a sense of the direction in which you would like to go)
  • envision a further, bigger goal (say for 10 years’ time) which you then break down into steps. 

The resources here will help you to:

  • decide how a goal you set will fit in with the bigger picture of your working and home life
  • define more clearly what you want to achieve

If you are still unable to decide on your goal, move on to the Reality section which may help you to decide.

You are in G so ask yourself......

  • What is my ideal future?
  • What is a good work environment for me?
  • What skills and knowledge do I want to continue to use?
  • What skills and knowledge are important at Brookes?
  • What are goals?