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i- Identity: becoming aware

‘i’ is typically the starting point for the i-GROW process, although it does not always have to be followed in this specific order. ‘i’ is the area where you get a chance to reflect on yourself as an individual, as well as the institutional context you work in (or would like to work in). This will help you with the rest of the process (GROW), as you can reflect on what kind of goals you want, or career direction, depending on what is important to you as an individual, and the behaviours/skills you already hold.

There are a variety of self-awareness raising exercises, and self-assessment activities, below. You can complete some or all of these as you wish – this area is very much designed to help you and therefore you may want to use a selection of the materials or all of them.

You are in I so ask yourself......


  • What are my life and work preferences?
  • What are my personal traits and strengths?
  • What are my interests?
  • What are my personal values?
  • What are my achievements?
  • What are my learning styles?
  • What is my emotional intelligence level?


  • What is Brookes?
  • What does it believe in?
  • What is its mission?
  • What are the institutions values?
  • What are the organisation's aspirations, concerns, culture?
  • How do people view Brookes?
  • What does Brookes believe about the development of its people?


Areas for self-reflection

  • Personal traits exercise (Word doc 175KB) - this helps you to think about your preferred personal style and therefore the kind of work you like doing.
  • Strengths questionnaire - here you will find both the Brief Strengths Test and the VIA Character Strengths questionnaire.  These are well researched surveys from the school of positive psychology which help you to identify those aspects of your character which give you indicators of motivation and satisfaction.
  • Values exercise (Word doc 171KB) - this short activity prompts you to consider which values are important to you, and less important, then how much your current job fits with your values. This again will help when thinking of changes in career and direction to take.
  • Reviewing my interests (Word doc 160KB)
  • Identifying your achievements (Word doc 189KB) - helping you to consider the areas in which you have seen success in the past.
  • AUA CPD wheel activity (pdf 431KB)

Areas for self-assessment

Institutional context