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Researching and engaging with opportunities that exist in Brookes and externally

How to use this section

Understanding what opportunities exist for you is key to moving forward. Brookes is rich in people, talent and resources that can support and enable the steps you choose to make – whether you want to enhance the role you hold or move into another. The mood of this section is exploratory of “what’s out there” and Opportunities are broadly seen from two perspectives: the development of professional behaviours and the development of skills and competence.

You can use the resources here to:

  • get clear about what is meant by an intervention
  • explore the directory of OCSLD support
    • find OCSLD interventions that develop professional behaviours
    • find OCSLD interventions that support skills development
  • explore external professional bodies for development pathways
  • explore the National Occupational Standards for descriptors for your skills, and “levels” for your skills (also in i- self assessing skills using the coaching wheel)
  • explore other peoples’ jobs, other peoples’ work histories
  • explore latest vacancy and redeployment options

This information will help you to:

  • visualise the way ahead as specific developmental chunks
  • relate possibilities to practicalities
  • gather material and ideas to move towards action
  • prepare for talking to people and building your case to get what you need (time, funding, mentoring)

You are in O so ask yourself......

  • What sort of move does my goal involve?
  • How can I improve my knowledge?
  • How can I improve my skills?
  • How can I get a coach?
  • How can I get a mentor?
  • How can I learn about job roles in other departments and teams?
  • What job opportunities exist in Brookes?
  • How can I join a network?
  • How can I do volunteering?