Options for developing yourself

Development is about negotiating opportunities to try something new and not only about courses.

Career development is likely to be the result of a patchwork of small but important experiences (crazy paving) as you test new skills and situations, rather than a classic linear move.

Some activities to consider:

  • arrange to observe a skilled practitioner
  • get mentored
  • train another person to do something that you do
  • join a cross university project
  • visit other university teams
  • be part of a task force or research group
  • do on-line or distance learning
  • volunteering in other organisations/situations
  • get a coach
  • arrange a secondment (very short term and informal to long term and formal)
  • get a critical friend
  • do peer comment/receive peer comment
  • do internal courses
  • do portfolio based programmes and get accreditation (e.g. NVQs)
  • form work alliances with people in other teams and swap places/rotate
  • go out to find how other organisations do it, and bring it back
  • external courses including those offered by unions
  • help with open days
  • read around your field
  • consult with Careers
  • represent Brookes outside of your normal working day
  • find opportunities outside Brookes to develop skills, e.g. Parent Teachers’ Association, being a magistrate, becoming a parish councillor