Skills table

Role related skills set

Skills Sector Body for your occupation/professional body in charge of standards

Occupations covered
Commonly used National Occupational Standards clusters for the sector


Administration and support at general, technical, professional and strategic levels

Advice and Guidance

Career guidance, community learning and development, further education, higher education, archives and information services, work-based learning


For counselling and psychological therapy practitioners in the range of clinical and helping settings

Customer Service

Customer services  and reception roles as well as  roles with frontline activity, at general and professional levels

Engineering construction Buildings repair and maintenance
Engineering/ science and support technologies Science and laboratory support, hardware support

Estates and land services

Security industry
Environmental and land-based industries
Building services and engineering
Property, housing, cleaning services, parking and facilities management

Energy and Utility Skills



Procurement, Purchasing, Supply chain management
Financial services, finance and accounting services

Health and well-being support

Active Leisure, Learning and Well-Being

The health sector across the UK


Hospitality, leisure, travel and tourism


Information Technology  and media Services

Information technology and communications systems

Broadcast, film, video, interactive media, photo imaging, publishing and advertising. Fashion and Textiles (from 1 April 2010).

Legal services

Community safety; courts, tribunals and prosecution; custodial care; fire and rescue; forensic science; law enforcement; offender management and support; policing; victim, survivor and witness support; youth justice and the children’s workforce. Legal services joined the footprint in 2010/11.  
Library Services Library, Archives, Records and Management Information Services (LARIMS)
Management Team leaders, managers and leaders from early experience to professional practitioners
Marketing and Sales  
Research Postgraduate researchers and researching staff

Teaching and Learning Support

Education and training professionals, Teachers, Trainee teachers, Trainers