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Focussing on your current situation

How to use this section:

Looking at the realities is like looking at the pieces of your own personal jigsaw. Whether you have set a goal, or not been able to decide on one yet, looking as widely as possible at the current realities of the situation will help you to refine, set or take the next steps with your goal.  Realities can include your current skills, professional behaviours, qualifications, experience, feelings, personal situation, relationships to others and their needs, things you have tried already, real or perceived obstacles. 


You are in R so ask yourself......

  • What is the "gap" between my ideal future and what I have now?
  • Which people are interested in my career development?
  • What barriers are there to my career development? (in Brookes? Externally? Personally?)
  • Have I compiled my: skills profile - CV - CPD profile?
  • Have I looked at G (goals) in the light of R (reality)?
  • Is my goal realistic?