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Way Forward

Committing to a way forward and turning your research into action

How to use this section:

This section is about declaring your intentions in an action plan, involving others and using the policies and resources of the organisation to get your development done. The mood of this section is of “contracting” and externalising to a time and frame (like through the PDR).  It is also about actively equipping yourself with allies, connections, up to date personal documents and self-presentation/interview skills, and knowledge about the current career development climate.

You can use the resources here to:

  • formulate a written action plan (committing to self)
  • do formal objective-setting in preparation for PDR (committing to Brookes and your team)
  • access coaching support to assist behavioural change (involving others in your commitment)
  • access mentoring support to model practice and build new skills (involving others in your commitment)
  • explore secondment to other places  - this includes a spectrum of actions from a shadowing visit to observe a fine practitioner in action, to a regular “work-experience” slot to another location, to a block of time in another post whilst your own is covered (making alliances and connections and using Brookes as a resource)
  • get your CV and personal statement up to date and up to spec (equipping yourself to take action)
  • prepare for self presentation and interview (equipping yourself to take action)
  • explore policies that already support you to get time, money, study leave and advice/guidance on issues related to moving forward (equipping yourself to take action)

You are in W so ask yourself......

How do I turn my plan into action?

  • Through PDR
  • Through internal movement
  • Through external movement