P10 Enhancing the Brookes Experience in Associate College Partnerships (ACPs)

Project Status: Project Closed     

Benefit Review scheduled 2015

Benefits legacy    

There have been a number of benefits coming out of Project 10, most notably the overall enhancement of our UK (ACP) partner relationships at multiple levels, and the strengthening of our partnership provision through better alignment of infrastructure and quality processes to support our recent strategic growth in this area. This in turn, enables Brookes to maintain flexibility of provision in a continuing unstable HE environment; as a partnership we can meet the needs of a diverse range of learners and aim to deliver, with confidence, an excellent student experience.

Some of the more micro-level benefits of the project include the improved communication and liaison between support and library services across the ACP through the development of the Professional Network Hubs.  Induction has now been separated from enrolment, resulting in more students being enrolled faster with fewer problems, as a result of the move to College-based enrolment. The development of the Programme-related Core Activities (PCAs) aims to ensure that ACP students have a number of meaningful programme-level Brookes 'touch-points' over the duration of their studies in order to positively enhance their learning experiences.  In recognition that ACP staff are critical to enhancing the experience of their students, a number of bespoke training and development packages have been developed by OCSLD and the annual ACP conference held at Brookes continues to see growth in attendance and engagement from a range of staff across the partnership.

Project 10 has been a truly collaborative PESE Project, involving staff from across all Facilities and Directorates at Brookes and Curriculum Areas and Departments within the ACP.  Particular thanks go to the UK Partnership Team at Brookes for their constant support and commitment throughout the duration of the project.


Project synopsis

The aim of this project is to further enhance and invest in our relationship with our ACPs to add value to the experience of our students within each of our partner institutions. The objectives of the project are to:

  • Conduct a 'partnership audit' to explore:
    1. current levels of student experience and areas of good collaborative practice across our ACPs
    2. key stakeholder views towards student experience enhancement ideas/approaches (to include suggestions staff development)
    3. areas of current practice/processes that would benefit from additional support
    4. any associated resource implications for ACPs, Faculties and Directorates
  • Produce a draft 'ACP Student Experience Enhancement Plan' for consultation with key stakeholders
  • Finalise and implement the 'ACP Student Experience Enhancement Plan' and review at the end of each key milestone
  • Update: The 'ACP Student Experience Enhancement Plan' is currently being rolled out under the following themes
    • Theme A: "Identity and Brookes visibility"
    • Theme B: Pr-arrival and Induction experiences
    • Theme C: 'On Programme' Ensuring all "Programme level Core Activities" (PCAs) are in operation and being carried out
    • Theme D: Administration and Liaison
    • Theme E: ACP staff development/support area
    • Theme F: Ancillary matters

Key project milestones

  • Completion of the 'partnership audit' (April 2012)
  • Production of a draft 'ACP Student Experience Enhancement Plan' for consultation (April 2012)
  • Present the 'ACP Student Experience Enhancement Plan' to the UK Partnership Steering Group (12 June 2012) and ACP Steering Group (20 June 2012)
  • Implement the 'ACP Student Experience Enhancement Plan' across the ACPs, Faculties and Directorates (from July 2012 onwards)
  • Project Review (September 2012 onwards)
  • Agree ongoing organisation support and resource (November 2012)
  • Project Review (2013)


Project Sponsor Lindsay Williams PL Student Experience Faculty of Business, Programme Lead Student Experience for ACP (from June 2014) Janice Howard

supported by Adam Lambert UK Partnerships & Liaison Manager