P11 Student Life

Project Status: Transfers to PESE2 and close out due August 2015  

Benefit Review scheduled for August 2016

Benefits envisaged    

This project is intended to create a series of student associations that will be representative of their respective academic departments. The associations are intended to facilitate community building within the University, giving students a point of affinity.

The envisaged benefits include;

  • Increased sense of affinity for students with their academic departments, and the wider University.

  • Increased co-curricular activity that provides those students wishing to have a wider student experience access to such opportunities.

  • Increased alumni affinity with the academic departments evidenced by an increased number of alumni wishing to support the respective academic department as a result of their membership of their association.

  • Enhanced opportunities for students to engage with potential employers through activities arranged by their association, such as networking events.


Project synopsis

The aim of this project is to enrich the student experience at Oxford Brookes University through the facilitation of deeper learning experiences outside the formal structure of the program of study, and the development of a culture of co-creation between the academic community, the student body, the alumni network and the student support services.

This project will assist the University to meet the second strategic objective of the SESE; "We will provide an environment where students are proactively engaged in shaping their experience through influencing learning and extra-curricular policy, processes and outcome"

In contrast with a number of other projects within the PESE the focus of this project is narrow with an easily defined output, although the intended benefits of the project are wide ranging.

The objective is the creation of Departmental Student Associations (DSAs) within each academic department of the University.

Key project milestones

  • Appointment of Student Experience Project (STEP) Coordinator (October 2012)
  • Meet with pilot DSAs (Semester 1 2012/13)
  • Mapping templates and models for DSAs (January 2013)
  • Launch of tranche 1 DSAs (from September 2013)

  • Launch of tranche 2 DSAs (from September 2014)

  • Project close out (August 2015)

  • Project benefits realisation report (August 2016)



Project Sponsors David Whittingham Brookes Union Chief Executive

Project Lead Joseph Walsh Brookes Union DSA Coordinator