P03 University wide Module Feedback System

Project Status: Close out due November 2014  

Benefit Review scheduled for 2015

Benefits legacy    

The University wide module feedback system has delivered a system that provides a consistent approach to the collection of a threshold set of empirical data concerning the quality of individual modules. The quantitative elements of these data sets are visible via APTT (see Project 04) across the University, thus providing greater transparency of information used in reviews.  

Module review templates are populated automatically saving staff time and can be readily made available to students. Students can see how their feedback is used with the quality process. When used in class students can see the results from the module evaluation questionnaire, in real time which enhances engagement and exposes an open reflective approach to learning and teaching practice.

Project synopsis

Oxford Brookes has undertaken a commitment that all students are invited to participate in the on going evaluation of their programme modules. After consultation, on the 22 June 2011 it was agreed at University AESC that a standard Module Evaluation Questionnaire would be used from September 2011.

The key project aim is to develop and deliver a common student module evaluation approach administered centrally which students complete in a consistent way through various modes of delivery to provide core standard data for analysis and consideration through various Faculty and University Quality Assurance (QA) processes.

The key process will be for the data to be integrated into a module review report for consideration at programme committees and subject committees.  It is the intention that results from  the module evaluation questionnaire and the module reviews be available to students.

Key project milestones

  • Standard Student Module Evaluation Questionnaire Launched (19 September 2011)
  • Interim evaluation report presented to AESC away day (07 March 2012)
  • Full university launch of the electronic Module Evaluation Questionnaire (17 September 2012)
  • Fully integrate electronic Module Evaluation Questionnaire  into Moodle with direct links to APTT (02 November 2012)
  • Semester 2 (2012/13) Module Evaluation Campaign Report (to PESE SG) July 2013

  • Semester 1 (2013/14) Module Evaluation Campaign Report (February 2014)

  • Semester 2 (2013/14) Module Evaluation Campaign Report (June 2014)
  • Post implementation evaluation report and project close out (November 2014)


Project Sponsor Ian Scott ASD Student Experience

Project Sponsor Chis Rust ASD Student Experience Strategy Development