P04 Academic Performance Tracking Tool (APTT)

Project Status: Project Closed    

Benefit Review conducted September 2013

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Benefits legacy    

The APTT is a data analytical tool that is accessible to a wide academic community has now become imbedded into the University decision making and business processes.

The University rapidly (in one cycle) moved from a business process with very many variants to one which is entirely universal in terms of viewing the data and using it to evaluate progress and identifying priorities. This example constitutes a “..radical enhancement..” in terms of efficiency.

The implementation of the APPT has also enabled
  • Senior Managers, Heads of Department and others come better informed and prepared to address the data “head on”

  • Acceptance of interpretation of data and earlier investigation of the data (pre Challenge Meeting)

  • Enhanced understanding and discussion together with greater consensus regarding priorities

  • Clearer objectives for improvement of the student experience

  • improved response to various compliance data requirements on demand

By using the APTT to link student performance with cost and income data provides the university with the capability to examine value for money both from a student experience and university management point of view.


Project synopsis

The aim of this project is to develop a reporting tool which puts the Student Experience at the core of management information processes in the university, by enabling staff at all levels to make informed decisions which impact upon delivery of teaching, process changes, and other aspects important to the student experience. This includes enabling staff to monitor aspects of the student experience directly.

The APTT will also help improve the rigour and consistency of tracking for specific PESE projects, particularly in areas where quantitative evidence is required.

Key project milestones

  • Sustainable data warehouse project launch (Iteration 0 review) - 10 Feb 2012
  • APTT version upgrade and software relaunch - 19 March 2012
  • Feasibility summary for support of other PESE projects - 03 April 2012
  • Delivery of first major PESE support project, a Module summary to support P03 (also P02, P09, P12) - 01 July 2012
  • Delivery of data warehouse core platform - 14 December 2012
  • Delivery of data warehouse core platform - Spring 2013


Project Sponsors Anne Gwinnett Director of Corporate Affairs

Project Manager Georgina Spary Business Intelligence Manager