When will the changes happen?

The aim of the Programme to Enhance the Student Experience is to co-ordinate the delivery of 12 University-wide projects to make a material difference for our students over the next four years.

Each project has its own timescales to ensure the delivery of the whole programme is achievable. Some will be consulted on before implementation and others will be piloted to ensure vital lessons can be learned before they are more widely introduced.

Different teaching and support staff will be involved in different projects to a greater or lesser extent, but the aim is to in time ensure the experience for every student is materially improved in five years time.

What to expect in the coming months - some highlights:

Summer 2012

The new Peer Enhancement of Teaching and Learning policy will be launched and new resources put in place to help staff subject teams support their continued professional development. (Project 1)

We will complete pilots of the critical self-awareness programme to enable decisions to be made on its wider use as part of every students' induction. (Project 12)

We will consult staff, students and employers on grading and assessment changes with the deadline for responses being the end of July 2012. (Project 6)

Autumn 2012

The new virtual learning environment - Moodle will be launched in September. This will replace blackboard and will give better web based support for teaching and learning across our curriculum. (Project 2)

The University wide modular feedback system will be put in place with a new template for staff to use to enable the University to gather feedback on modules in a consistent way. (Project 3)

We hope to launch the first student initiated apps following the competition held in the spring and we will pilot a system to accredit work and community based learning in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. (Projects 8 and 9)

In November the University's Academic Board will consider the responses to our consultation on grading and assessment and will make a decision on which changes to pursue. (Project 6)


Following Academic Board's decision on grading and assessment a project to implement its decision will be taken forward. (Project 6)

In the autumn, depending on the outcome of the pilots we expect to more widely introduce the Enhancing  Academic Guidance scheme to provide a best practice framework for providing academic support to students (Project 12) and a system to accredit the work students do outside University. (Project 9)


This year will see the majority of PESE projects commence their closedown and handover to business as usual project phases. Sponsors will start planning their benefit realisation reviews.

The PVC Student Experience will initiate a revised Strategy to Enhance the Student Experience (SESE2)  and this will envisage the establishment of a new programme of projects PESE2.

Project 6 and Project 11 will transfer into PESE2.















Download The Strategy for Enhancing the Student Experience (PDF)