Other facilities

  • There must be accessible toilets available for wheelchair users. Ideally toilets should be on the same floor as the main room and the refreshment room and easy to reach from all the rooms being used. If there are on another floor, assistance may need to be given to negotiate the lift and give directions.
  • For an all-day event prayer rooms should be available. Rooms are set aside for prayer on each of the main Brookes campuses.
    • At Gipsy Lane the prayer room is on the ground floor of the Sinclair building, behind Galliano's.
    • At Harcourt Hill there is a prayer room with washing facilities at the entrance to the chapel building.
    • At Wheatley the prayer room is in room S101, next to the tennis courts.

See the chaplaincy website for further details.

If the event is held during Ramadan, a room separate from the lunch venue should be available for Muslim participants at lunchtime. See the BBC website for dates for Ramadan.

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