• Dietary needs can be affected by faith, health or philosophy. It is important that you provide an opportunity for attendees to indicate dietary needs on any registration form or invitation to an event where refreshments are being served.
  • It is important to ensure that everyone is as comfortable as possible at refreshment times - refreshments must be accessible, and the area that they are consumed in comfortable for all.
  • Buffet catering may present obstacles for some people who are visually impaired or people with a physical disability. Someone needs to be available to provide assistance to anyone who requires additional help.
  • All buffet food should be clearly labelled.
  • Menus should cater for vegetarians as standard. Meat and vegetable dishes should be served separately and clearly identified.
  • Other dietary requirements, such as Kosher, Halal and vegan diets, may need to be considered.
  • Fresh fruit should be available as an alternative to desserts.
  • Ensure cups with handles are available, especially if using plastic or polystyrene cups.
  • Ensure straws are available with any refreshments if required by participants.

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