• School holidays and religious festivals may impact on who is able to attend. A list of School holidays is available from the Oxfordshire county council website. A multi-faith calendar is available on the BBC website.
  • Avoid start or finish times which might cause difficulties for participants with caring responsibilities e.g. 8.30 am starts, or sessions that end after 5 pm. Muslim participants may need to break their fast during Ramadan, so it’s important to finish events before sunset. See the BBC website for dates for Ramadan.
  • Residentials involving staying overnight may need to be avoided because of the impact on participants with caring responsibilities. It’s important to consult all participants before holding a residential as overnight stays may also impact on disabled participants. Venues that are quite a distance from the normal place of work might also be an issue for participants with caring responsibilities or disabled participants. At minimum, start and finish times should be adjusted appropriately.
  • Avoid scheduling workshops on a Friday, unless a convenient alternative workshop/event is available for participants to attend. For practicing Muslims, Friday prayers (around lunch-time) must be performed 'in congregation' at a mosque. For practicing Jews, the Sabbath (holy day) begins at sunset on Friday, and all work must be finished before the Sabbath begins.

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