The workshop venue

We are responsible for both on and off site events.

If you are in doubt about the level of accessibility at a potential internal venue, it is recommended that you consult with the Estates Directorate (Room Bookings) and the Staff Disability Adviser. When planning an off site event it is recommended that you visit the venue(s) under consideration in order to determine its level of accessibility before you book.

Access and exit

  • Ensure there is a level route from the disabled parking spaces to the venue entrance. If not you will need to have someone around to help, or book an alternative, more suitable space.
  • Disabled routes to venues should be clearly signed.
  • Check wheel chair access and exit, including fire exits and wheelchair refuges (fire protected areas where wheelchair users can wait before being helped out of the building). You may need to let everyone know the fire evacuation procedure.
  • Evac-chair training is recommended for OCSLD staff, and an evac-chair should be available at the Wheatley Training Room and other Brookes venues.

Seating and space

  • Wide aisles and spaces around seating are needed in the room for people in wheelchairs to turn around, and to ensure easy access to seating for people with restricted mobility.
  • It might be necessary to move out chairs so that people in wheelchairs have enough space.
  • Straight-backed chairs with arms are much easier for many people to use.
  • Seats should be reserved at the front for anyone using a signer or lip-speaker.


  • A public address system must be provided for larger sessions, and the speakers should use it!! If contributions from the floor are expected, a roving radio mike should be used; or the speaker should repeat the question using their own mike.

Hearing Induction Loops

  • An Induction Loop should be used to enable hearing aid users to hear what the speakers are saying, without the interference of background noise. If only one part of the room is looped put up a sign advising people where to sit if they need to use it.
  • Don’t forget that any hearing aid user will also need a loop system or a signer in the breakout rooms.
  • At Brookes contact Room Bookings to find out if a room has an induction loop, and AV Services to hire a loop.

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