"What’s in it for us?" Rewarding and recognising staff input to improving the student learning experience

Discussion workshop


There has been increasing emphasis in recent years on the student learning experience, and great improvements have been and continue to be made on this front. But how can we encourage these improvements to continue as the pressures on our workload increases? One option is to consider how we reward and recognise this work in relation to other work that we do. The distinction is made in the literature on rewards, which are seen as tangible benefits in terms of money, promotions and such like, and recognition, which is less tangible and more to do with acknowledging achievements.  Rewards for staff who teach or otherwise support learning include certificates, fellowships, promotion opportunities and support for personal and professional development. Many of these rewards are targeted at the individual who needs to demonstrate outstanding practice, but their work is rarely achieved in isolation. So, how can we adequately reward and recognise the efforts of teams of colleagues?  The emphasis on team-working is a key strand in the new PETAL scheme.  The intention is that this will bring more direct and tangible benefits to the overall student learning experience than isolated improvements in the practices of any one particular member of staff. Reward and recognition for good teaching and learning support at the University is something that deserves our attention and during this workshop, we want to share some thoughts on this topic and hear what you have to say on the matter, in particular in relation to team rewards. 

Keywords:  reward and recognition, PETAL