Student support in the School of Health and Social Care: Reviewing and Refocusing

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Peter Bradley, School of Health and Social Care

The topic of the paper

Student support in the School of Health and Social Care

Why it is of concern

Feedback from students suggest that support for students within the School of Health and Social Care is effective but recent changes in funding threaten to undermine current practice. It was necessary for the School to develop a greater understanding of the factors that contribute to effective support, drawing on literature and the experiences of others and introduce frameworks and policies which maintain or enhance current levels of support with fewer resources.

What was done (methods)


A review of student support in the School was undertaken in 2005/6 to identify how support was provided, identify and disseminate good practice and recommend changes which would improve the efficiency and effectiveness of support provided for students.

What are the main outcomes


The review discovered a number of issues for attention around the confusion of roles and responsibilities in relation to student support, the impact of role change (becoming a student), the inefficiency of reactive models and the need for a more consistent School wide model.

New strategies have been introduced to address the impact of transition into the student role, the targeting of student support resources, introduce processes which improve accountability and consistency in the provision of student support, and changes to teaching learning and assessment methods.

These changes shift the focus of support from reactive to pro-active practice, predicting and integrating the type of support often sought on an individual basis by students into mainstream provision and introducing systems which promote and monitor student engagement.