Encouraging students to develop acceptable approaches to writing using a workshop developed by the WriteNow CETL

Jude Carroll and Chris Rust (ASKe)

This workshop will give participants a chance to try out and consider a generic tutorial, developed by ASKe, designed to encourage students to develop acceptable approaches to writing. Quality enhancement approaches to dealing with student plagiarism are in their developing stage and case study-type examples of interventions that are effective (such as the Write Now tool) are few and far between. Here is another approach.

We need to move beyond 'thou shalt not' teaching for dealing with student plagiarism towards helping students understand why authorship is required and how to go about creating text. This method helps them move beyond collecting others' texts and then writing 'over' them to create a largely derivative piece of writing which does not allow for students' own ideas and insights.

This approach uses a tried and tested workshop developed by the WriteNow CETL in the discipline of Psychology as a basis for Brookes-specific examples. Examples of A-grade work in a range of generic topics were solicited from Brookes staff and a new multi-discipline version was created, ready for use in 08/09.