A review of current assessment issues in the literature and a diagnosis and proposals for the assessment situation at Brookes

Margaret Price, Berry O'Donovan, Chris Rust, Jude Carroll and Graham Gibbs

This workshop will review current assessment issues in the literature and offer a diagnosis and proposals for the assessment situation at Brookes. The paper is in four sections. Section 1 considers why assessment needs to be addressed. Section 2 sets out ten premises that underpin beliefs and approaches to assessment. Section 3 uses research conducted in Brookes to consider the state of play at the university and particular problems at Brookes are diagnosed. Section 4 sets out three proposals considered to be key to improving assessment at Brookes

The NSS, QAA and the Burgess report have all highlighted problems with assessment and feedback that need to be addressed both sector wide and within Brookes. Drawing on a review of the literature and previous research studies carried out in Brookes, a diagnosis of assessment problems at Brookes was made and proposals for change set out. The main findings were: a need for greater programme focus for assessment; a change in the balance between formative and summative assessment; the design of assessment to support ''slow learning' and the development of high level outcomes throughout programmes.

This paper has already been made available to staff in Brookes. It contains in depth analysis of assessment and feedback issues. This session will give staff the opportunity to discuss some of the ideas and consider the implications of the proposals for change at programme level in preparation for changes to mode of delivery