Development of occupational therapy practice through virtual learning environment

Leisle Ezekiel

The workshop intends to promote discussion on benefits and issues of using virtual case studies and their role in assessment (formative and summative). 1st year occupational therapy students are often trying to learn complex and abstract concepts without the benefit of experiencing patient contact and health care environments. To address this, a learning module within Brookes Virtual was blended with seminar & lecture material and incorporated a formative assessment task around a virtual case study.  The case study was presented through a wiki and video, with learning activities designed to give experience in designing therapy interventions. The wiki was updated by the module leader after the activities were completed to reflect actual occupational therapy practice and enable students to evaluate their work. The learning activities culminated in each student formulating and submitting an occupational therapy plan for the virtual case study. Preliminary results and feedback indicates high levels of student engagement with the VLE, students generally reporting that the virtual case study enabled their learning and their performance on the summative assessment.