Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

22nd Annual Congress of the European Conference of Sport Science (ECSS)

Wednesday, 05 July 2017


At the beginning of July, five members of the Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work (Dr. John Jakeman, Dr. Roger Ramsbottom, Dr. Peter Wright, Dr. Alaaddine El-Chab and Dr. Greg Walsh) presented their research at the 22nd annual congress of the European Conference of Sport Science (ECSS) in Essen, Germany.

Their research was well received with interests of collaboration established with several world leading research groups and companies, such as the Children’s Health and Exercise Research Centre at Exeter University and Gatorade Sport Science Institute. 

The conference also served as an opportunity to visit the Faculty of Sport Science at Ruhr University, Bochum, Germany (hosting university of ECSS 2017). The aim of the visit was to establish potential research collaborations and to inform plans for the design of the department’s research and teaching facilities, as part of the redevelopment of the Harcourt Campus.  This opportunity resulted in a collaborative project being established between the two departments (validating a psychometric questionnaire designed to assess the physical, mental, emotional, and overall recovery and stress states of athletes) and a visit to Oxford Brookes by Dr. Markus de Marees (Sports Medicine and Nutrition, Ruhr University, Bochum) in October 2017 aimed at developing other research links and projects.

22nd-annual-congress-3Top left: Dr. Alaaddine El-Chab presenting his research, Top right: Dr. Greg Walsh presenting his research, Bottom left: Peter Wright presenting his research; Bottom Right: John Jakeman presenting his research.

The amalgamation that has generated the newly formed Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work and upcoming move to Harcourt Campus creates an ideal platform for inter-disciplinary research and teaching within the department. This potential and the large presence of staff at theconference resulted in interest from several international universities to develop potential student and research exchanges with Oxford Brookes. Examples include Kobe University, Japan and University of Regina, Canada.

22nd-annual-congress-1Dr. Alaaddine El-Chab; Dr. Roger Ramsbottom; Dr. John Jakeman; Dr. Peter Wright; Dr Greg Walsh; Dr Sarah Davey.

Presenter and research titles:

Dr. John Jakeman; ‘Effect of different sprint interval training work: rest ratios on performance adaptations.’

Dr. Alaadine El-Chab; ‘The consumption of liquid diet pre-experimental trials improves adherence compared to solid diet in athletes.’

Dr. Greg Walsh; ‘The effect of static and dynamic stretching on knee joint proprioception and strength.’

Dr. Peter Wright; ‘Effect of a 4 week rope-training on mobility, strength and coordination compared to machine based training’

Dr. Roger Ramsbottom; ‘Effect of chronic dietary nitrate supplementation on time to exhaustion and total work during all-out upper body resistance.’