Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

AfN accreditation

Thursday, 27 January 2011

The School of Life Sciences is pleased to announce that its recent application for MSc accreditation has been successful.

Our MSc Applied Human Nutrition has been accredited by the 'Association for Nutrition', formerly ‘The Nutrition Society’, the largest learned society for nutrition in Europe.

There are many benefits to studying an accredited course, not least graduates are eligible for fast track registration with the UK Voluntary Register of Nutritionists (UKVRN). There is also increasing recognition among employers, in industry and in the public sectors that registration with the Association is a sign of quality, which could enhance graduate career prospects.

Other benefits to the public and wider society

  • In 2002, the British Dietetic Association and the Nutrition Society published joint guidance to encourage the employment of nutritionists in NHS Nutrition and Dietetic Departments.
  • The Health Development Agency’s advice on meeting the National Service Frameworks, for the care of the elderly, of the young, for the prevention of Cancer and for the prevention of CHD, is that there is a need for expertise in nutrition provided by a Nutrition Society Registered nutritionist (or Registered Dietitian).
  • The number of associate registrants from all the accredited courses could make a significant contribution to the nutrition workforce (up to 1/5th total new entrants per annum).
  • The UKRVN has a high and rising profile with government in the UK, as the Association advocates for strategic workforce planning and development in nutrition. There are enough courses for the Association to play a significant role in strategic workforce planning at national level.

Find out more by visiting 'The Nutrition Society' website. The 'Association for Nutrition' website is currently in development and will be fully available shortly.