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Brookes Occupational Therapy Student breaks UK Freediving Record

Thursday, 08 October 2015

An Occupational Therapy student at Oxford Brookes University has made a great impact in freediving across the world, which involves swimming underwater without any breathing equipment.

Alice Hickson, who is a swim coach as well as studing Occupational Therapy part-time at Brookes, has made waves at the AIDA Individual World Championship by breaking three national records. Having only been freediving for eight months she gained huge success winning a gold medal in the dynamic no fins section of the competition. Alice swam for a staggering 174 metres underwater breaking her own national record of 153 metres. She also won bronze in the static section of the competition holding her breath for 6.58 minutes underwater. This broke the national record set in March.

Speaking about her experience she said "I was excited to come to the World championships as I thought it would be a great opportunity to see the competitive world of freediving and gain some experience. The day before the competition I started getting really nervous and doubted my ability to compete against some of the best people in the sport. But then I remembered why I was here, for experience and to enjoy it so I told myself just \do your best' and that's all you can do”. Alice will next be competing in the final of the world championships. You can view a clip of her swim in the finals by clicking here.

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