Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work

Student Prizes

  • MSc Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition

    PowerBar Prize for Outstanding Professional Commitment in Sport and Exercise Nutrition

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    This prize is awarded to the student who demonstrated high levels of commitment to the practice of sport and exercise nutrition while studying at Oxford Brookes. There are no fixed criteria for this award, but recipients typically demonstrate their relative merit by the extent to which they engage in a range of professional practice behaviours during their period of study at Oxford Brookes. This may include, but is not limited to, any of the following:

    • Providing support to Applied Sport and Exercise Nutrition MSc students in ways that help other students achieve a better understanding or practice of sport and exercise nutrition
    • Participation (paid or unpaid) in non-course activities related to sport and exercise nutrition (e.g. supporting local sports teams or athletes by way of advice, presentations, taking useful measurements, etc)
    • Participation in ongoing department research or consultancy work
    • Writing nutrition articles for publication in relevant magazines or websites
    • Attending relevant conferences (e.g. ISSSM, BASEs, NUTSOC, etc)
    • Representing Oxford Brookes to the wider public in a positive manner

    Polar UK Prize for Outstanding Research in Sport and Exercise Nutrition (formerly the Human Kinetics Prize)

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    This award is presented to the student with the highest (or near highest) mark in the Research Project module (module code: NUTR7008).

    Prize winners

    Year (class) Award Recipient
    2009-2010 PowerBar Andri Pieri
    2009-2010 Human Kinetics Sarah Graham
    2010-2011 PowerBar Michael Whatman
    2010-2011 Human Kinetics Stuart Kirk
    2011-2012 PowerBar Leigh Thomas
    2011-2012 Human Kinetics Felicity Hares
    2012-2013 PowerBar Andrew Barnett
    2012-2013 Human Kinetics Adrian Hastings
    2013-2014 PowerBar Herlinda Alcala
    2013-2014 Human Kinetics Elizabeth Foot
    2014-2015 PowerBar Andrew Marley
    2014-2015 Human Kinetics Jane Ward
    2015-2016 PowerBar Stephanie Catlin
    2015-2016 Human Kinetics Portia Rees-Jones
    2016-2017 PowerBar Alexander Beaumont
    2016-2017 Human Kinetics Hannah Willoughby
    2017-18 Human Kinetics Elizabeth Cragg
    2017-18 Powerbar Kiera Wilkinson
    2018-19 Polar UK Sam Allen
    2018-19 Powerbar Dolores Dravinec
    2019-2020 Polar UK Nancy Lunnon
    2019-2020 Powerbar Megan Bentley

    Our thanks go to PowerBar, Human Kinetics and Polar UK for offering these awards.

    BSc Hons Nutrition


    The Nutraceuticals Group Europe Prize for the best undergraduate degree in Nutrition

    The Nutraceuticals Group Prize is awarded for the student who achieves the highest level of undergraduate degree in Nutrition.

    MSc Applied Human Nutrition

    British Bakels

    The British Bakels Prize for best overall student in the MSc Applied Human Nutrition

    The British Bakels prize is awarded yearly to the student with the highest overall mark for the MSc Applied Human Nutrition.

    Prize winners

    Year (class) Award Recipient
    2013-14 British Bakels Sophie Watson
    2014-15 British Bakels Matthew Fruci
    2016 The Nutraceuticals Group Prize Emma Robinson
    2015-2016 British Bakels Sarah-Lynn Spruzen
    2017 The Nutraceuticals Group Prize Monique Reid
    2016-2017 British Bakels Hannah Brennan
    2018 The Nutraceuticals Group Prize Toni Walsh
    2017-18 British Bakels Mary Wilson
    2018-19 British Bakels Lucy Goddard
    2019 The Nutraceuticals Group Prize Hannah Collins
    2019-2020 British Bakels Clare Moran
    2020 The Nutraceuticals Group Prize Lucie Dickens
    2020 The Nutraceuticals Group Student Engagement Prize Ella Mcrgigor
    2021 The Nutraceuticals Group Prize Amanda Morbey
    2021 The Nutraceuticals Group Student Engagement Prize Abbie Owens and Lucy Jones

    Our thanks go to Nutraceuticals International Europe and British Bakels for offering these awards.