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Nutrition in practice

  • Exchange Opportunities

    The BSc Nutrition programme has a link with Deakin University in Australia and so far three of our students have taken up this opportunity.

    Malin Jessica Sparr Johnsen - Exchange student photograph

    I went to Deakin Univeristy in Melbourne for a semester on exchange. By going on exchange you get the opportunity to travel abroad, meet new people and create new experiences. I really enjoyed studying in a different environment and meeting other nutrition students from across the world. It was also exciting to experience a different culture especially in regards to food and nutrition. During my semester I got the opportunity to travel around in Australia, which involved a lot of surfing, diving in the great barrier reef, camping around in the beautiful nature and seeing wild kangaroos and koalas. I believe the semester gave me further knowledge within my course, off and on campus, but most importantly unforgettable memories and new friends from all over the world.

    Malin Jessica Sparr Johnsen

    You can apply to go on exchange to another university during year 2 for up to 2 semesters: Learn more »

    Field visits

    There is a focus on nutrition practice in different settings in the Professional Nutritional Practice modules. In Year 1 you will have the opportunity to go on an observation visit to a professional nutrition setting and to learn professional skills. This will prepare you for a short field visit in Year 2. In Year 3 you will have the opportunity to consolidate all your learning into a professional portfolio, enabling you to reflect on the implications for your own practice and future career.

    Examples of visits:

    • JR Hospital at their Dietetics Open Day
    • Beezee Bodies (weight management and lifestyle programme for families).
    • Rose Hill Junior Youth Club
    • Oxford Food Bank
    • British Bakels (for a one-day training course on bread (or cake) science and technology)
    • "Diabetes - living with, living well" project in Swindon
    • Several first and second year students who are interested in sports nutrition helped one of the nutrition lecturers in testing Oxford University Rowing Club.

    Students in their third year have the option of taking the Work Experience module where they can seek out and negotiate a work placement supported with advice from the tutors.