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  • The Clinics at OxBCNH are temporarily closed due to staff resources and will re-open early 2018

    We have created a set of nutrition and health services available to staff, their family members and the general public to assist with improving general health and well-being. Each of these services are undertaken by Registered Nutritionists. We also offer bespoke services for individuals and tailor-made packages for companies.

    Please enquire for details and appointments.

  • The health screening package aims to provide background information on:

    • Fasting blood glucose
    • Blood lipid profile, to include:
      • Total, LDL & HDL cholesterol
      • Triglycerides
    • Body composition for measurement of muscle mass, body fat (%) and body mass index
    • Blood pressure

    These will all need to be completed in a fasted state. Should any of these values show a potential cause for concern you will be advised to contact your GP.

    Please enquire for further information and appointments

    Knowing and understanding the amount of energy that your body is using and also the type of energy that you are using (fat or carbohydrate) can provide you with a sound scientific basis for any weight loss or maintenance plan.

    Measuring resting metabolic rate (RMR) involves lying on a bed for 40 minutes while you have your breath measurements taken using our state of the art indirect calorimeter, which provides minute by minute accurate energy expenditure data.

    This is then combined with an assessment of the energy requirements for your daily activities, which will give an accurate representation of your daily energy (calorie) needs.

    Finally, this can then be matched with your energy intake if you are wishing to lose, maintain or gain weight to provide an individualised weight management strategy.

    Please enquire for further information and appointments.

    The BodPod is a highly accurate, non-invasive, quick method of measuring total body fat and lean muscle mass. It uses air displacement plethysmograph to determine body composition. Measurements are taken while you sit comfortably in a chamber for two to three minutes; your body composition is then calculated by measuring the volume of displaced air around you.

    Please enquire for further information and appointments.

    A weight management service is available offering advice across two to three visits with the option of adding further visits as required.

    Visit 1

    • A body composition assessment including muscle mass, percentage body fat and body mass index
    • An accurate and detailed assessment of your total daily caloric intake based on a three day weighed food diary provided prior to the appointment
    • Discussion around personalised dietary goals
    • Nutrition and meal planning
    • Nutrition and exercise management to fit with your personal lifestyle

    Visit 2 and 3:

    • Update on progress
    • A body composition assessment including muscle mass, percentage body fat and body mass index
    • Discussion on food diary completed prior to the appointment
    • Update on developments and any additional requirements

    Please enquire for further information and appointments.

    We can assess your habitual dietary intake (using nutritional analysis software) and provide dietary advice to allow you to make informed changes to your diet, depending on your overall goals.

    • Dietary recall (24-hour) – this is a quick dietary assessment based on your typical food and drink intake over a 24-hour period.
    • Food diary (over three days): this is a more detailed assessment of your daily energy (calorie) and nutrient intake over a three day period.  You will be required to keep a record of everything you eat and drink for three days.

    Please enquire for further information and appointments.