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Metabolic Testing

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  • The metabolic response to foods and ingredients is key to understanding their impact on the health and well-being of individuals.

    The Oxford Brookes Centre for Nutrition and Health offers its clients a wide portfolio of services to the metabolic effects of foods and ingredients on participants from our large volunteer database. Services can be commissioned individually or can be grouped into packages depending on the requirement.

    • Glycaemic Index
    • Glycaemic Response
    • Insulinaemic Response
    • Gastric Emptying
    • Diet-induced Thermogenisis
    • Gut hormones (GIP/PYY/Leptin)
    • Lipid Profiles
    • HbA1c Testing

    Additionally, an appropriate selection of these services can be included in tailored study designs drawn from the full portfolio of our services including elements from our Weight Management and Food Components/Activity range of services. Detailed protocols are developed in dialogue with our clients.

    For further information regarding any of the above metabolic testing, please contact us.

    "Wild has been satisfied working with The Functional Food Centre since 2005 on the glycaemic response, blood glucose profile-24h and insulinaemic response of our natural fruit sweeteners. We are very happy to continue working very closely with this centre."
    Dr Rafael Salom, Wild Valencia S.A.